EARTHEN - A Cold Spring Sampler 2CD

Hudební žánr: Industrial
Rok vydání: 2019
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 200 Kč

Opište kód: devětčtyřijedna:

Kompilační dvojCD britského vydavatelství Cold Spring Records specializující se na industrial a spřízněné žánry.

Disc 1

1. MERZBOW / GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE ‘A Perfect Restraint’ (3:20)
from ‘A Perfect Pain’ CD/LP (CSR23CD/LP)
2. SHE SPREAD SORROW ‘Escape’ (4:25)
from ‘Midori’ CD (CSR251CD)
3. PENNY RIMBAUD ‘Act 5’ (2:12)
from ‘Oh Magick Kingdom CD (CSR259CD)
4. NDE ‘VII’ (4:23)
from ‘United’ CD (CSR247CD)
5. SONOLOGYST ‘Singularity‘ (4:30)
from ‘Silencers’ CD (CSR253CD)
6. NYTT LAND ‘Nordur / Yule Song’ (6:26)
from ‘Oðal’ CD (CSR249CD)
7. DET KÄTTERSKA FÖRBUND ‘Sacred Grounds’ (4:44)
from ‘Lidaverken Part I’ LP (CSR265LP)
8. PSYCHIC TV ‘Dead Cat (Telepathic Edit)’ (4:39)
exclusive edit from ‘Kondole / Dead Cat’ 2CD+DVD (CSR246CD)
9. KHOST ‘Redacted, Repressed, Recalcitrant’ (5:37)
from ‘Governance’ CD (CSR237CD)
10. LEFT HAND RIGHT HAND ‘Rise And Fall’ (5:43)
from ‘Biting The Hands That Bleed You’ CD (CSR254CD)
11. THE NEW BLOCKADERS ‘Live At Sonic City (Excerpt)’ (3:04)
from ‘Live At Sonic City’ CD+DVD (CSR261CD)
12. THE TELESCOPES ‘The Desert In Your Heart’ (3:59)
from ‘Stone Tape’ CD (CSR267CD)
13. VIVIANKRIST ‘Silent Soul’ (5:50)
from ‘Morgenrøde’ CD (CSR268CD)
14. ILPO VÄISÄNEN ‘Kivi Ja Kataja’ (4:31)
forthcoming TBA
15. COIL ‘Spastiche (Trumpo)’ (3:50)
exclusive track for Cold Spring

Disc 2

1. MZ. 412 ‘Ulvens Broder’ (5:39)
from ‘Ulvens Broder’ 10” (CSR248EP) & ‘Svartmyrkr’ CD/2LP (CSR257CD/LP)
2. ANNI HOGAN feat LYDIA LUNCH ‘Blue Contempt’ (3:04)
from ‘Lost In Blue’ CD/LP (CSR266CD/LP)
3. XERXES THE DARK ‘Longing To Return’ (6:02)
from VA ‘Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)’ 2CD (CSR242CD)
4. SHIFT ‘To Rid Them All And To Wash Their Filth From My Body’ (3:32)
from ‘Abandon’ CD (CSR236CD)
5. JOTUNSPOR ‘Solartjuven’ (5:14)
from ‘Gleipnirs Smeder’ CD (CSR244CD)
6. MAYUKO HINO ‘Faintainhead (Excerpt)’ (4:17)
from ‘Lunisolar’ CD (CSR245CD)
7. ZENI GEVA & STEVE ALBINI ‘Autobody’ (6:12)
from ‘Maximum Implosion’ 2CD (CSR260CD)
8. C.3.3. ‘Movement II (Radio Edit)’ (4:07)
from ‘Ballad Of Reading Gaol - The Cacophonietta’ CD (CSR255CD)
9. COMMON EIDER, KING EIDER ‘The Dark Winter (Excerpt)’ (3:37)
from ‘Shrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast Aside’ CD (CSR243CD)
10. SOFT ISSUES ‘Bleak Magic’ (5:04)
from ‘Soft Issues’ CD/LP (CSR262CD/LP)
11. COLOSSLOTH ‘Lain Inert’ (2:35)
from ‘Heathen Needles’ CD (CSR235CD)
12. COIL + ZOS KIA + MARC ALMOND ‘Baptism Of Fire’ (4:25)
from ‘How To Destroy Angels’ CD/LP (CSR263CD)
13. TUNNELS OF ĀH ‘Kosmiglot (Edit)’ (5:16)
from ‘Charnel Transmissions’ CD (CSR256CD)
14. BARRY ADAMSON + PAN SONIC + THE HAFLER TRIO ‘The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion (BBC Mix)’ (5:37)
special mix for the BBC, from ‘The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion’ 12” (CSR241LP)