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DWARFSTAR - Perplexing Reality CD

Enlarge picture - 161206-pd6n.jpgDwarfstar is an ritual avantgarde transcendental musical project from Hungary. Dwarfstar’s first album was finally realized under the title of „Perplexing Reality”. The album contains 5 tracks in 61 minutes and come as limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies in jewel case.

For fans of Ulver, Manes, Thy Catafalque

Dwarfstar has a strong spiritual background which is rooted in the ideas of Transcendental Voidism. Both the lyrics and the atmospheres concentrare on the Gnostic Knowledge, which helps to liberate the Transcendental Souls of human creatures from the prison of the material cosmos, from the claws of the transcendental paradoxon. Dwarfstar has nothing to do with those very popular empty-headed so called "satanic" views which are based mostly on goalless self-destruction, goalless hatred towards mankind, worshipping „darkness” etc. while in the background the so called followers are into partying, friendship, love and sex. NO!! Dwarfstar is a real manifestation of Rebellious Spirit and has two concrete goals: 1. God-Man realization (to reach the final Enlightenment) 2. To inspire the others (only the real Seekers) on their way of searching for the final Enlightenment. Of course the music of Dwarfstar is recommended for every open minded listener who like dark atmospheres in music and/or musical avantgardism, but this project can be completely appreciated only by the Real Spiritual Seekers (if there is any amongst the listeners of modern extreme music). Very important to mention that however Dwarfstar is deeply spiritual, but not religious at all. Dwarfstar concentrates on pure spiritual values, beyond the level of the religious rituals and religious force-glorification. Of course if somebody still needs some religious rituals which are useful for the given person on his/her own way of inner development, that is absolutely understood and not refused at all. But it does not mean, that Dwarfstar should ever support any kind of religious idiotism (the ways of holy blasphemy). When it comes to those forms of religious attitude which are based on zealotry, blind-belief, blind following and often malignant hypocrisy, Dwarfstar is definitely anti-religious. Dwarfstar also refuses the life-standards of the modern world and it's decadent societies. Also very important to mention, that Dwarfstar does not represent any political or nationalistic views.


DYING PASSION - Black Threads CD

Enlarge picture - 161206-w80o.jpgThe eighth album of Czech melancholic band DYING PASSION will be released on 19. 12. 2016.

4 panels hand numbered digipack with 12 pages booklet in edition of 300 copies.

Everybody now and then thinks of a song, keeps replaying it in heart, and is suddenly struck with awe when hearing someone else singing it aloud. Or they look for the proper names to give an idea just being born when somebody pronounces the right words. As if we were connected through an invisible data network. Wanting it or not we are interconnected and related in a way. All over the world there is a fine web of dark thread transmitting our thoughts, emotions, pains, joys and desires which make the web shiver the same as a fly, a dewdrop or a gust of wind hitting the spider´s web. It is not dark due to the bad qualities of its contents but becouse of our means to describe it being strictly limited. The same applies to the Dark Matter, the stuff which makes the most of our universe including us, the humanity still having no idea what it really is. And exactly the same applies to music itself: it does not physically exist, however it is capable of lifting us up, high, taking us far away, being the bridge over troubled waters, a safe port of souls, providing us with wings or even igniting love. Let us be sensitive and careful with our thoughts, beware of the evil, negative and destructive ones. We never know what they cause at the other end of each thread. It´s all the same all the time: what you give is what you get. Let us give the good exclusively, This is what the album is about.

Dying Passion


SOMNUS AETERNUS - EXulansis CD, ltd. edition of 300 copies

Enlarge picture - 160318-i612.jpgSOMNUS AETERNUS, a doom metal band from the Czech Republic, is realising their sophomore album „Exulansis“. The 52-minute album explores, in a lyrically and musically unorthodox way, the boundaries of pure madness and pure emotion. Occupying roughly the vast area defined by musical styles of Ahab, Swallow the Sun, Arcturus, Opeth and Agalloch, it aims to push doom metal to sound complex and somewhat unhinged. The final sound takes some inspiration from post-metal and black metal, but stays firmly in the doom metal territory.

The album will be released as hand numbered digipack of 300 copies with a 12-page booklet, as well as collector´s edition of 50, which will include a big 20-page booklet with short stories that will enable you to immerse yourself in the album story. It also comes with a band photo and a sticker, all wrapped in a special cover.

Somnus Aeternus


HEIDEN - Na svůj příběh jsme sami CD

image/novinky/160112-tvfy.jpgBrand new Heiden album is out now. Follower of highly appreciated albums ,,Dolores" and ,,A kdybys už nebyla, vymyslím si tě" (translation: And if you won't exist anymore, I'll imagine you) brings 7 new compositions influenced by night and sound of 70's rock classics. ,,Na svůj příběh jsme sami" (translation: In our story we are alone) is a perfect companion for gloomy evenings in your city.

Released in limited edition 300 copies as 4 panels digipack with 8 pages booklet, hand numbered.

For fans of new Sólstafir, Anathema, Alcest.



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DYING PASSION - Black Threads CD

19. 12. 2016

DWARFSTAR - Perplexing Reality CD

19. 12. 2016

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