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GALLILEOUS - Voodoom Protonauts CD

Enlarge picture - 141121-osgj.jpgBrand new album from this Polish act, featuring 6 lengthy compositions. Metallurgical rolling occult psychedelic doom metal with a spacey hypnotic atmosphere. "Forget what you know. Forget what you believed in. Forget what you expected.Time to discover the secrets of all creatures not of this dimension. Keep your eyes and ears open. They're here again... Listen to the message of Voodoom Protonauts. Listen to it thrice. Listen to it again but let it go backwards. You'll find the answer who they are and where they are going!" Comes with a beautiful 12-page booklet. Limited edition of 300 copies.



MORGUE SOON - Vecernice - Proplouvas CD

Enlarge picture - 141121-h322.jpgGenre: Melancholic psychedelic rock metal from Czech Republic.

Released in limited edition 300 copies as jewel case with 16 pages booklet, hand numbered.

For fans of new Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Anathema.

Morgue Son



image/novinky/131119-bomk.jpgRiti Occulti were formed in Rome during the summer of 2011 by Niccoló Tricarico and Ivano Mandola. Their musical vision first took shape as a duo, consisting of bass and percussion. Their signature sound further developed with the inclusion of Luciano Lamanna as synthesizer player and Serena Mastracco, as well as Elisabetta Marchetti as vocalist. In January 2012 they were joined by Sara Del Regno as official keyboardist for live performances. The first homonymous full-length, roughly 50 minutes of monolithic riffs, immerses the listener into an abyss of dark psychedelic sounds and ritualistic atmospheres. They take a lot of inspiration for their unique sound from genres such as doom, black metal and the 70s psychedelic scene. Hence their music can be best descibed as a mix of hypnotic sounds and esoteric themes that guide the listener towards the left hand path...

New album Secta is an heavier, atmospheric journey, through the alchemy and his secret language and signs. From lead to silver and gold, to reach the truth.

Released in beautiful 4 panels hand numbered digipack with 12 pages booklet in edition of 300 copies.

Riti Occulti


HEIDEN – A kdybys uz nebyla, vymyslim si te CD

Enlarge picture - 131119-adge.jpgCurrently Heiden just release a new album entitled „A kdybys uz nebyla, vymyslim si te“ (And if you wont´t exist anymore, I´ll imagine you) based on personal feelings and eerie rock atmosphere.

Heiden – music group from Czech Republic starts up in summer 2003 as raw pagan black metal project founded by Kverd (the driving force behind the band). Musically Heiden axpanded their sound by incorporating elements from rock, postrock, doom etc. to create their own face and mood. Through years Heiden became one of the most respected names in Czech metal scene. Their previous album „Dolores“ won Andel 2011 award (czech Grammy) in hard´n´heavy category as well as Britva 2011 award for album of the year.

Released in beautiful 4 panels hand numbered digipack with 8 pages booklet in edition of 300 copies.




Enlarge picture - 131119-szcu.jpgThe gloomy atmosphere of November 2013. This is the perfect time for Czech band Dying Passion to release its seventh studio album called Transient. This time fans can look forward to conceptually based album. The story revolves around lust accompanied by wrong decesions which lead to pain and damnation; it is a story about wasted opportunities and temporary satisfaction. Some paths of life have no turning point and this album will tell you how it is to choose the wrong path.

The songs are wrapped in deeply emotive presentation which tells the story on its own and which will not leave your mind calm. The album will contain 14 tracks (more than hour of playing time) and it will be available from 30th November onwards. The band is also going to release a music video which will guide you into the story of Transient.

Released in beautiful 4 panels hand numbered digipack with 12 pages booklet in edition of 300 copies.

Dying Passion


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GALLILEOUS - Voodoom Protonauts CD

21. 11. 2014

MORGUE SON - Večernice - Proplouváš CD

15. 11. 2014

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