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AARNI - Tohcoth

EPR 063 / 2008

Avant-garde doom metal, Finland

CD 10 EUR + p.

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Tohcoth is Aarni´s second full-length album and contains a plethora of musical styles ranging from various subgenres of doom metal, 70´s prog and folk to ambient, while remaining charmingly guitar-driven. A number of chord progressions and melodies have been implemented so as to cause beneficial effects in the listener (hopefully) according to the principles of "sacred geometry". You may find the album´s overall atmosphere somewhat proggy, experimental and freaked-out. The themes on "Tohcoth" consist of occultism and futuristic theories, brain-change and collective and personal liberation... with added Lovecraftian, alchemical, mythological, Discordian and Thelemic content. Languages featured this time include English, Latin, Finnish and Enochian. Tohcoth also features what may be the first ever recording of "The Battle Hymn of the Eristocracy" from the cult classic book Principia Discordia. As on Aarni´s critically and popularily acclaimed debut album Bathos, the Finnish media personality Sampo Marjomaa has contributed guest vocals and VV from the band Umbra Nihil plays most of the drums. The album has been lovingly dedicated to the late great Robert Anton Wilson.

You will probably find "Tohcoth" more brutal than your mom, more sensitive than your dad, more wicked than your uncle, more Kabbalistic than Madonna, straighter than Manowar, more proggy than Slayer, more balanced than Jesus or Moses or Mohammed, more educated than Hitler, more scientific than Dawkins, more honest than any government and perhaps less emo than you.

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