GRAILAGHT - Sic Luceat Lux​!​!​!

Hudební žánr: Black Metal / Pagan black metal
Rok vydání: 2019
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 200 Kč

Opište kód: dvašesttři:

GRAILAGHT jsou pokračovatelé kapely Arcane Grail. Album Sic Luceat Lux!!! je monumentální 75 minut dlouhé album. Precizní melodický atmosférický black metal s prvky klasické hudby a tématicky ovlivněný indickou filosofií. Lahůdka pro příznivce Bal Sagoth, Cult of Fire, Dimmu Borgir. Krásné digipackové vydání.

The music of the Order of GRAILIGHT presents the sound interpretation of the Indo-European mythologema of the unity of God and Man, Light and Darkness, Chernobog and Belobog, Moksha and Samadhi. Through the prism of the pagan legends of Ancient India, Ancient Russia, Ancient Greece & Medieval Europe weaved this canvas - an oratorio to the Light, speckled with the Thirst for Knowledge and Enlightenment. Fueled by traditions of Baroque music of XVII-XVIII centuries, the operatic ideas of Richard Wagner, Russian classical music of XIXth age and even the traditional folk of Amerindian people we tried to create something new and truly grandiose within and beyond symphonic extreme metal.
Each song of our album is permeated with the Spirit of Freedom from the earthly shackles, from the dark obscurantism of the stale human consciousness. Heralding the Age of Aquarius, the Triumph of Reason and Goodness, we trumpet our hymns, destroying Samsara!

Sanguis, Honor, Amor


released August 23, 2019

SIC LUCEAT LUX is crafted by:
Demether Grail as Vox of Supreme Lighte,
Tymon as Airy Music Compositor
& Arsafes as Craftsman of Delighte

Our fairy lady – Alexandra as Choralist/Chantress

Grailchoir o’ the Golden Dawn:
Alexandra, Arsafes

Martial Pronunciamento:
Demether, Arsafes

Phantasmal Ghosts:
Runa (Emerald Night, Aura) – lead siren voice in “Selena's
Sunless Grief”, “Of Volgatears and Princesswoe”
Aina (Blackthorn) – lead witch howling in “Panegyris”
Helen Bathory (Artania) – second witch vox in “Panegyris”
Ekaterina Sinegina (Mizantropia) – third witch vox in “Panegyris”
Mirella Dimarie – witche’s evocation and laughter in “Panegyris”
Varvar (Neron Kaisar) – Khan Kolchak’s Bashkir-spoken roar in “Of Volgatears and Princesswoe”
Miron Chirva (Tvangeste) – raven croak in “Zorya-Zoryanitsa”

Luciferous Orchestra:
Anya Erilina - violin
Lira Vlasova - violin
Anna Bespal'ko - viola
Yulia Erilina - cello

Shamanic Daemons:
Fedor Vetrov (Omela) – pimak, blockflutes, bagpipe
Viterzgir (Viter) – trembitas ensemble in “Zorya-Zoryanitsa”
Dmitriy Drevo (Kartikeya) – timpani & congadrums
Kirill Nikeev (Equinox) – shaman’s drum in “Homo Divinus”
Lia Shumilina (Rodniki) - gusli in "Lo, Solemn Coronach!"

All musical scores created by Tymon with chimes
and versions of Demether Grail
All faerie verses made and red-wat by Demether
Phantastical orchestral resurgation by Shirin (Grauen)
Enchanted themes and verses for “Of Volgatears and Princesswoe”
fully composed by A.P. Borodin (1833-1887), arranged by Tymon
and translated vatically by Demether Grail
Classical fragment in “Lo, Solemn Coronach!” is
“Russian Dance” by P.I. Chaikovskiy (1840-1893)
Fifth sonnet in "My Fairie Undine" is Demetrius' appeal to Helena
in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by W. Shakespeare (1550-1604)
The first ruba'i in "Сады" is taken from "Shahname"
by Ferdowsi (935-1020) in the translation of C.B. Banu
This gilded disk is hammered at Arsafes Records
Forged, burnt and polished by Arsafes
Lightvision effigies by Peter Bergmoth
Picturae Magickae by Alexandr Tartsus
Lay-out painted by Alex Mayhem