HAIKU FUNERAL - Hallucinations

Hudební žánr: Avant-garde metal
Rok vydání: 2016
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 300 Kč

Opište kód: devětdvanula:

Nové album tohoto pozoruhodného francouzského projektu. Excelentní hypnotický tajemný psychedelický avantgardní doom death black industrial metal. Digipack.

the excellent HAIKU FUNERAL album, entitled "Hallucinations" for a very good reason - dark visitations from syncopated, hypnotic, lysergic and erotic rites - musick and magick are intertwined and explored.

This band defy convention and are unique - few bands in this day and age can truly say they have a style all of their own.

Welcome to the hallucinogenic world of Haiku Funeral. Released on digi cd.