INQUISITION - Obscure Verses For The Multiverse 2LP

Hudební žánr: Black Metal / Pagan black metal
Rok vydání: 2013
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 600 Kč

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Cult black metal duo INQUISITION explodes from the underground with their newest full-length 'Obscure Verses For The Multiverse'. The album's ten paeans to the occult are at once hostile, hypnotic, and bombastic. Chainsaw riffs carve violently to the forefront, while ominous vocals croak odes to the infinite and satanic alike. As tracks such as "Infinite Interstellar Genocide", "Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons", the title track, and more prove, 'Obscure Verses...' is INQUISITION's finest hour yet and trumpets their arrival as the new kings of darkness. Comes with the bonus track "Where Darkness is Lord and Death the Beginning!" Side A : 01. Force of The Floating Tomb - 02. Darkness Flows Towards Unseen Horizons - 03. Obscure Verses for The Multiverse. Side B : 04. Spiritual Plasma Evocation - 05. Master of The Cosmological Black Cauldron - 06. Joined by Dark Matter Repelled by Dark Energy. Side C : 07. Arrival of Eons After - 08. Inversion of Ethereal White Stars. Side D : 09. Infinite Interstellar Genocide - 10. Where Darkness Is Lord And Death the Beginning.