LETHE – The First Corpse on the Moon

Hudební žánr: Avant-garde metal
Rok vydání: 2017
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 330 Kč

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Leader norských MANES Tor-Helge Skei alias Cernunnus se svým novým projektem. Za pomoci několika hostů stvořil velice pozoruhodné album ve stylu avant-gardní metal / experimental / trip hop. Krásné digipackové vydání.


A charming duo formed by the visionary Tor-Helge Skei and the hugely talented Anna Murphy, LETHE is a band that will change your way of thinking about music and how it
should be made and listened to.
“The First Corpse On The Moon” is an astonishing and unique musical experience into the most Avantgardish Metal / Trip-Hop/ Electro / Pop / Experimental Art!
Defined by many like a journey through the 'back alleys of the human mind/psyche', they reach the apex with this new album that is more structured than the debut album but surely
brilliant like only a moment of pure genius could be.
Close your eyes, open your mind, and let the music take you on a musical journey through different moods


released February 24, 2017

Record label: My Kingdom Music
Recorded in various settings in Trondheim & Lucerne
Mixed by Anna Murphy @ Soundfarm Studio
Mastered by Marco Jencarelli @ Soundfarm Studio
Line-up: Tor-Helge Skei: guitars, bass, sampling, programming, synths, lyrics
Anna Murphy: vocals, hurdy-gurdy, programming, synths, lyrics
Guest musicians:
Eivind Fjøseide: guitars; Tor Arne Helgesen: drums; Rune Hoemsnes: drums; Asgeir Hatlen: vocals; Tom Christian Engelsøy: additional vocals; Richard Spooner: spoken voice; K-Rip: rap; Fredy Schnyder: piano; Shir-Ran Yinon: violin ensemble; Ivo Henzi: additional guitars; Mark Cunningham: trumpets; P Emerson Williams: sounds & vocal effects; Rune Folgerø: vocal effects; Andi Dobler: lyrics; Torstein Parelius: additional lyrics
Artwork: by Costin Chioreanu