MOONGATES GUARDIAN - Leave The Northern Mountains

Hudební žánr: Black Metal / Pagan black metal
Rok vydání: 2018
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 300 Kč

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Zbrusu nové album ruské atmo black metalové kapely.

The sixth full-length album of a really productive duo from Königsberg is out. It is time to stop comparing the band to the well-known Austrians SUMMONING – this has never been a goal for MOONGATES GUARDIAN. On its latest releases the band has its own unique and recognizable style. "Variety" is the most appropriate epithet for their music! Dynamic black metal guitars alternate with solemn symphonies, sacramental recitatives turn into shrieking screams and howling growls, distortion guitars interlace with pure folk and medieval themes. The material is incredibly diverse and, hopefully, will touch the feelings of the pickiest listeners. By tradition the album includes lyrics based on the works of Tolkien and two cover songs. The first song was originally performed by the Austrians mentioned above while the second – unexpectedly – by heavy metal