PESSIMIST - Blood For The Gods

Hudební žánr: Death Metal / Grindcore / Thrash metal
Rok vydání: 1999 / 2021
Dostupnost: 2-3 týdny

Cena: 230 Kč

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V reedici vydané druhé album z roku 1999 americké death metalové kapely.

Remaster including bonus tracks "The Pestilence" (Kreator cover) and "Mensa Rea" (demo).
Jewel case CD with 12-page booklet and new art illustrations!

PESSIMIST solidified their place in American death metal history with the release of their sophomore full-length ‘Blood for the Gods’ in 1999.
Unforgiving blast beats, lightning fast picking, and dark melodies define the record’s brutal prowess.

For fans of Pestilence, Vader and Morbid Angel.
Artwork by Mike Harrison (aka Unkindesign).

Tracklist :
01. Mensa Rea (With Evil Intent) (3:40)
02. Century of Lies (3:55)
03. Demonic Embrace (4:35)
04. Whore of the Undead (3:47)
05. Unspeakable Terror (4:22)
06. Psychological Autopsy (4:42)
07. Unborn (Father) (4:04)
08. Tunnel Rats (6:05)
09. Wretched of the Earth (3:22)
10. The Pestilence (Kreator cover) (6:26)
11. Mensa Rea (demo) (3:43)