SRD - Smrti sel

Hudební žánr: Black Metal / Pagan black metal
Rok vydání: 2017
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 250 Kč

Opište kód: devětnulasedm:

Misantropický black metal. Digipack. Slovinsko.

The tendency of the abyss is that it from time to time vomits the manure that spreads misanthropy and melancholy of unknown dimension. It provides a trigger to each misanthrope to cross virtual borders of society and finally digs the knife in the back of his brother man. It is so from Kain on. Srd, the quintet of troubadours of darkness, is on the mission to serve their black 'n' roll no less than hell and manifest the agony of humanity over the last few thousand years and encourages the eternal recurrence of it.

Smrti sel brings seven songs, seven vessels of the wrath of God, who is pouring on earth a blend of modern black metal with elements of black 'n' roll. Two in their native language, while one brings a message from deceased icon of incorrectness G.G. Allin.