TUNNELS OF AH - Deathless Mind

Hudební žánr: Industrial
Rok vydání: 2020
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 320 Kč

Opište kód: čtyřidvadevět:

Zbrusu nové album tajemného britského projektu. Rituální esoterický drone industrial. Digipack.


The ambient drones and angular abstractions on 'Deathless Mind' combine to carry the listener on a disquieting journey into dark recesses. TUNNELS OF AH pursue a singular sonic path. Each album has been recorded with a visualised location arising in; for 'Charnel Transmissions' it was a childhood landfill, 'Thus Avici', a field of pig arks in a Golgotha landscape. How these places emerge and obsess is a mystery. 'Deathless Mind' is set on a half mile stretch of abandoned railway where various human transgressions have occurred.

With contributions from Primitive Knot on 'Ritual For The New Dumb' and Adam Probert (The Mannequin Factory) on 'Saint of Slaves', 'Deathless Mind' is an album recorded recorded at the height of summer and sounding like the depths of winter.

TUNNELS OF AH is Stephen Ah Burroughs (HEAD OF DAVID).

Tracks: 1. Ritual For The New Dumb (5:46) | 2. Parable Of The Sewer (6:37) | 3. The Cult Is On The Move (7:09) | 4. Saint Of Slaves (7:03) | 5. Ascetic (7:07) | 6. Cum Iron In The Spine (7:10) | 7. Sanatorium Lawns (4:19)