VORGA - Beyond the Palest Star

Hudební žánr: Black Metal / Pagan black metal
Rok vydání: 2024
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 380 Kč

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Precizní kosmický black metal. Nádherné digipackové vydání.

Scaling astronomical heights with their previous full length, sci-fi themed black metal band Vorga return with another illuminating album. The German band, wiser from their experiences, have adopted a more direct approach with a sound that is comparatively more stripped down but its emotive appeal and stirring quality has only been enhanced. In addition to being far more nuanced, the songs are beautifully structured too, each narrating its own otherworldly tale. Finding better expression, the music is more relatable and heartfelt than ever before, with the numerous glistening melodies lingering on for much longer than expected. The music almost has a gentle, haunting quality to it. The band understands that when the music is so emotionally rich and evocative, the expression need not be forceful anymore. There's pure understated elegance on display here which is unparalleled; it's sheer class. Vorga have fully mastered their art on this release and multiple listens will only attest to the fact that they've come up with yet another gem of an album.

For fans of: Imperialist, Dissection, Vektor, Emperor, Satyricon, Mare Cognitum