ARKAN - Sofia

Hudební žánr: Doom Metal
Rok vydání: 2014
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 150 Kč

Opište kód: sedmšestdevět:

Krásný tajemný atmosférický metal s oriental prvky a podmanivým ženským vokálem. Digipack. Francie / Severní Afrika.

On 'Sofia', French / North African act ARKAN's third album, the band's trademark whirlwind of Arabic percussion and crushing guitar riffing has audibly matured into a much more melancholic and subtle sound. There are still those magical moments of ancient oriental string instruments, but they blend in more organically than before. The dark warmth of Sarah Layssac's vocals has deservedly gained more room, while Florent Jannier's deep growls now rarely make an appearance in favour of more clean singing. ‘Sofia’ is a deeply heartfelt tribute that reveals more secrets of its detailed textures and meaningful melodies with each new spin. There are treasures to be found by those who listen well and with care...