AUTUMNBLAZE - DämmerElbenTragödie 2CD

Hudební žánr: Doom Metal
Rok vydání: 1999 / 2009
Dostupnost: 2-3 týdny

Cena: 250 Kč

Opište kód: šestpětšest:

V reedici znovuvydané debutní album AUTUMNBLAZE z roku 1999. Vychází jako dvojCD a druhý disk obsahuje spoustu bonusů.

Ten years ago, in the early summer of 1999, Autumnblaze released their lyrical and epic debut album "DämmerElbenTragödie". To celebrate this anniversary, Prophecy Productions will release - in parallel with the new Autumnblaze studio album "Perdition Diaries" - a special edition of "DämmerElbenTragödie" as a double CD containing all official recordings by Autumnblaze preceding the "Bleak" era.

The "DämmerElbenTragödie" bonus CD includes:
- "Dreaming Moonspark Fairylands" (Autumnblaze's 1997 seven-track demo, for the first time available on CD!)
- "Every Silent Moment I Weep" (7" EP from 1998 with two tracks, for the first time available on CD!)
- "My Ebony Wound" (previously unreleased song from the "DämmerElbenTragödie" sessions!)

An extended booklet with a three-pages essay on Autumnblaze's early years and liner notes by Alvar Eldron rounds off this re-release. A comprehensive compilation of Autumnblaze's early oeuvre!

Re-release of the debut accompanying its 10 year anniversary