LOWMIST - Supreme Nature

Hudební žánr: Doom Metal
Rok vydání: 2020
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 300 Kč

Opište kód: pětpětšest:

Temný atmosférický black / doom metal. Španělsko.

Outstanding debut full-length album by LowMist, the side-project of Netzja, founder member, guitarist and main composer in the Galician legends Dantalion, who has recorded with the help of Naemoth (Dantalion) on drums, one of the most exceptional albums of the year, six tracks playing a slow and distressing black metal with atmospheric touches and dark doom elements, a true gem from a project that for sure will make people talk about in the coming years... a must for fans of bands like Agalloch, Fen, Alcest, October Falls...

This edition is strictly limited to 200 copies wordwide, including an amazing A3 foldable poster designed by el dios perezoso (Foscor, Numen, Tiamat, Pantheist, etc.) working on an original illustration done by the incredible Russian artist Vergvoktre.