Hudební žánr: Industrial
Rok vydání: 2021
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 280 Kč

Opište kód: dvasedmnula:

Monumentální orchestrální industrial ambient. Digipack.

The album contains three opuses with the similar thematic framework, associated with the meaning of the album's name, however of different means of expression:

(1) Symphony No.5 "Axonal Transit" (tracks 1-4)
(2) Symphony No.6 "Metaspheres" (tracks 5-10)
(I3) Hymn - Do Not Let Us Perish (track 11)

(1) "Axonal Transit" is a four-part composition, considered "Symphony No.5" for electronics, strings, brasses, and percussion manipulated by integrated techniques, consisting in temporal and spatial variations blending musical themes with ambient structures in the position of anchoring, however billowing matrix. There are used methods of antithetical, parametric, or aleatoric articulation of sub-themes.

(2) "Metaspheres" is a six-part composition, considered "Symphony No.6" for integrated techniques and sonically manipulated strings with cosmogonic character with dense compressed atmosphere, microtonality, and intense insight into amorphic harmonic structures. This is one of Vladimir Hirsch's albums working with the theme of the dialogue between space and detail, cosmos and humans. The parallel vertically and horizontally organized chaotic atonal melodic elements contrast with the slow, heavy rhythmical patterns.

(3) "Hymn" is a structural variation on the theme of the traditional Czech chorale "St. Wenceslas" with the origin in the 12th century, in integrated digital and analog sonic form and design of the orchestral instrumentation.