Hudební žánr: Black Metal / Pagan black metal
Rok vydání: 2004
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 180 Kč

Opište kód: dvasedmšest:

Kompilační CD vydané k 10-ti letému výročí labelu Code666.

Info: It’s no use denying it, actually the label compilations are nearly always boring and useless: a jumble of pieces from albums to-come, or, at best, a couple of unpublished tracks or remastered versions of old ones - nothing worth spending money on, not worth listening to even if they are given you free. So you will be wondering why cult-label Code666 has decided to celebrate its 10th birthday producing a compilation of its bands.... well, for a lot of reasons: First, this is NOT a “standard” compilation of our bands, this is actually a 79 minutes concept-album written by 35 different musicians; secondly, because all the music that you will hear has been composed expressly and exclusively for this CD…. and finally because we decided to resort to the enormous talent of Davide Tiso, mastermind of Avantgarde Metal Gods Ephel Duath, whose task has been to assemble, edit and merge the various tracks by means of little songs and interludes acting as links. The record, in this way, goes beyond the summing up of each piece and becomes an unprecedented concept album, a record with a meaningful course both as a whole and in each song. We are proud of it as it represents in the best possible way the ideas and the passion that have characterized Code666 for ten years.



1 Davide Tiso – Well

2 Minethorn - Icons ( of the cursed Earth)

3 Davide Tiso - Done!

4 The Axis of perdition - Chained in the Damnation Asylum

5 Davide Tiso - We Have

6 Damned spirits' dance - Abandoned Emptiness

7 Davide Tiso - Been Good

8 Diabolicum - Salvation Through Vengeance

9 Void of Silence - Instrumental Void

10 Davide Tiso - At

11 Herrschaft - Abyssal Wounds

12 Davide Tiso - Holding On

13 The Oath - Abstract Emotion

14 Davide Tiso - It Was

15 The Prophecy - Adrift

16 Davide Tiso - Worth

17 Negura Bunget - Cumpana

18 Davide Tiso – It

19 Fen - Twilight Descends (Eulogy)