IDIS ÖRLÖG ‎– Frøya og Svipdag and Songs from Njartharlåg

Hudební žánr: Neofolk
Rok vydání: 2015
Dostupnost: Skladem

Cena: 150 Kč

Opište kód: osmčtyřišest:

Akustický neofolk inspirovaný severskou přírodou a mytologií. Německo.

Idis Ørløg is a Folk music project which seeks to get as close to the heart and spirit of the Northern nature as possible through word and sound. The songs are dedicated to the folk stories of yore, to the passing of the seasons, the solstices, and the archetypes and energetic characteristics that make up the fabric of our past, present and future. Getting to the roots, getting to the heart of things, and seeking out the truth is a motivation in all things with Idis Ørløg. (Idis means “goddess”, “protectress”. Ørløg means wyrd (karma)). Her latest release, "Frøya og Svipdag and Songs from Njartharlåg" focuses on the interplay between forces: the light that rises over the horizon after the darkness, the rising of the light during the freezing winter solstice, and the reuniting with a loved one. These themes are both found in the saga of Frøya (Freya) and Svipdagm, as well as the ancient cult location that is the island of Njartharlåg (today called Tysnes, located in southern Hordaland in western Norway). Freya and Svipdag come together once more, and the sun rises above the mountaintop to shine on the altar top at the ancient place of worship. The instrumentation on this album is all acoustic and consists of harp, guitar, Hardanger fiddle, shaman drum, mouth harp, flute, and voice. Siv Idis is joined by Runahild of Eliwagar, who lends drum, fiddle and flute on most songs, and backing vocals.